Below you will find a list of all services we offer including their prices.

Yoga Asana Pass

  • Drop-In-Class  Just drop in to any asana class we offer – 300 Baht
  •  Mysore Ashtanga 8.30am  Beginners 1st class free trial 
  • 5-class-pass – Choose any 5 classes within 14 days – 1,250 Baht
  • 10-Class-Pass – Choose any 10 classes within 30 days  –  2,000 Baht
  • 1–Month-pass unlimited class pass use within 30 days – 4,500 Baht   

Weekly & Monthly Ashtanga Yoga Retreats - all levels

Christmas & New Year we are open  

Retreats Arrive Sunday 

Course runs Mon to Saturday and includes


8.30 – 9.30/10 am Ashtanga Mysore guided self practice 
10.30 – 11.30 am Pranayama & Meditation course 
11.30 – 12.30 pm Philosophy, opening closing chants, Ayurveda 

Saturday  8.30-9.45am Led counted Ashtanga 

During your retreat receive  a 1 hour Ayurvedic massage with reiki  healing

6 day Course without accommodation 6,500 Baht

Retreat Private room on-site – All rooms have fan, mosquito screens and hot water                                                                  Private bathroom 6 nights 12,000 Baht / 1 month 37,000 Baht

Shared bathroom 6 nights 11,300 Baht / 1  month  31,000 Baht

2  People double bed private bathroom  6 nights 22,000 Baht / 1 month 59,000Baht

Our Yogi Cafe on-site serves breakfast and lunch. Raw, vegan & Wholesome breakfasts as well as sweet and hearty food from pancakes and omelettes to a well-chosen variety of traditional Thai dishes. We host a popular and delicious vegetarian Indian buffet 7pm every Friday night    – 


23rd November to 14th December 2023

with Teresa Kennard Senior teacher trainer – Yoga Alliance professionals

Embark on a 21 day journey into Hatha yoga postures, cleansing techniques and teaching skills.  We will delve into meditation, pranayama breath work, philosophy and history of yoga, anatomy of movement of yoga, posture, alignment, lesson planning, adjustments & teaching

You will practice teaching in small groups, how to offer 1 to 1 private lessons and how to hold the space

10.30 – 11.30am Meditation, pranayama, cleansing techniques                                                                                                  11.30-1pm philosophy. history, anatomy 

1pm Vegetarian Vegan Lunch

2.30-4pm Alignment, posture, lesson planning, adjustments, teaching practice                                                        4-5.30pm Asana practice and relaxation                                     

Hatha yoga teacher training course              49,995 Baht

with accommodation onsite                             59,000 Baht

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Develop your own self practice & teaching skills 

28 days program – 200hr Yttc  14th August – 9th September 2023 / 4th feb –  2nd March 2024

35  days program – 300hr Yttc  14th August – 16th September /  4th Feb – 10th March  2024

Special offer 15% Discount when you book accommodation onsite

Daily yoga classes:

Mon-Friday: Ashtanga Mysore
Sat: Ashtanga Led Class / Sunday day off

Mon-Sat: Morning Pranayama & meditation. Afternoon Asana clinic, alignment, safe adjustments, find your voice, lesson planning, teaching practice in small groups 

Lecture sessions:
The Eight Limbs of Yoga – Concept and History of Ashtanga

Pranayama, Meditation & Chanting
Anatomy & Physiology

Delicious vegan food 2x a day, drinking water

Regular use of Herbal Steam and spa pool

12 Modules to complete

  1. Develop your own personal asana practice, Pranayama & Meditation

  2. Creation & organisation of postures, Order of a class

  3. Teaching practice, Methods, Training

  4. Analysis of postures, Alignment

  5. Philosophy & history of yoga

  6. Structure and how to modify classes
  7. Learn to use your voice

  8. Adjusting correctly & safely

  9. Functional Anatomy

  10. Study of the body and movement

  11. Business of yoga

Practicum Final  exam is to teach your prepared plan

course only, no room

200 hour –  49,995 baht

300 hour – 55,500 Baht

Private room with shared bathroom hot water and fan

200 hour – 63,995 Baht – with 15 % off  54,396  Baht

300 hour – 72,500 Baht – with 15% off 61,625 Baht

Private room with private bathroom hot water and fan

200 hour –  69,595 Baht- with 15% off 59,135.75 Baht

300 hour –  76,500 Baht -with 15% off 71,400 Baht

Detox Programs

For a wholesome rejuvenation for body, mind and soul, the Yoga retreat Koh Phangan team offers special and tailored detox programs of different lengths. For all detox stays, you arrive one day before the actual start of your detox program and on this day, you will be provided with food that prepares you for the following detox days. After the cure, you will stay for one more build-up day, which prepares your body for normal healthy food again. In addition, optional massages are also offered that help your system to remove toxins and realign, assisting your body and mind to release and clear out.


We offer our detox programs  with or without accommodation  onsite

 All detox programs  includes 3  detox shakes a day  which have phyillium  husk,  benonite clay and  fruit inside, Spirulina, Kombucha, Vitamin c, soup broth in the evening, coconut water and unlimited drinking water. Yoga once a day, enema, use of herbal steam and spa pool                                                                                                                                                                        

3 day detox –  5,000 Baht

with 5 nights accommodation + 1 day pre  & 1  day post detox food and drinks 


private room & ensuite bathroom –  12,000 Baht

5 day detox  –  7,000Baht includes liver flush and  gall bladder  cleanse

with 7 nights accommodation + 1 day pre & 1 day post detox food and drinks

private room & ensuite bathroom – 14,500 Baht

7 day detox  – 10,000  Bhat

 with 10 nights accommodation + 3 days pre & post  detox food and drinks

private room & ensuite bathroom  –  21,000  Baht

10 day detox – 14,000  Baht  

with  14 nights accommodation + 2 days pre & 2 days post detox food  and drinks

private room & ensuite bathroom – 29,000 Baht

Reiki, Massages healing therapy

Reiki healing with Chakra Blancing

60 min


1.000 Baht


Ayurvedic Oil Massage

60 min

1.000 Baht

Reiki Training Courses & Retreats

Become a Certified Reiki Tera Mai Seichem Practitioner | Heal Yourself and Others with Energy Healing…Reiki Seichem is a powerful system of energy healing. It can be used as hands on healing or as a remote healing system using universal energy from source.

Teresa is a Master level 3 Reiki practitioner she was attuned to the Seichem Tera Mai energies in 2006.

Reiki training  includes a manual to work from and certificate on completion.  Attunements into  each level, Meditation, Yoga once a day, 1  hour reiki treatment and  hands on  self practice 

How might Reiki and Seichem™ help or transform your healing needs?

  • Offers balance and restorative wellbeing
    Calming for a troubled mind

  • Restores sleep

  • Rebalances Chakra and Chakra health and alignment
    Offers mental, physical and emotional stability

  • Helps pain relief, restoring shanti and balance
    Offers a space for Peace and a Sanctuary for Healing to take place
    Heals dependencies

  • Releases old cords and attachments

  • Improves mental, emotional and spiritual health
  • Reactivates energy to cells for regeneration
    Recognition of inner truth and guidance for healing transformations

  • Heals ancestral karmic patterns


Reiki Training Level 1 

Learn  the history  of reiki,  Lineage, 5  reiki  principles,  how  to give  reiki  to yourself, others, animals, plants 

Course no accommodation  

Retreat includes 3 nights in private room 

7000 Baht

10000  Baht


Reiki Training  Level  2

Practice  drawing reiki symbols, Chakra  balancing, using  pendulum,  distance  healing and  self practice

Course no accommodation                               9000 baht

Retreat includes 3 nights  in private room    12000 Baht

Reiki Training Level 1 + 2

Course no accommodation   –  4 days                                                15,000 Baht

Retreat includes 5 nights private room 

20,000 Baht

K. Pattabhi Jois

“Anyone can practice. Young man can practice. Old man can practice. Very old man can practice. Man who is sick, he can practice. Man who doesn’t have strength can practice. Except lazy people; lazy people can’t practice Ashtanga yoga.”