Yoga Asana Pass

We offer different ways to enjoy Yoga with us. You are welcome to just drop-in-for class (400 Baht) Mysore Ashtanga 5 class pass or yoga twice a day 10 class pass or unlimited one month. If you want to have an intensive week you can do our 6-days Ashtanga course with or without accommodation.

Yoga Teacher Training

Take the journey within! Whether you’re new on the mat or an experienced practitioner we’ll meet you where you’re at. What better place than Koh Phangan, deeply rooted in the ancient teachings of Buddhism, with it’s magical beaches and breathtaking landscapes to embark on an unforgettable yoga journey? We are here to guide you on your journey to deepen your own practice and become a fully equipped yoga teacher with the confidence to start teaching worldwide!

Your Yoga Healing Retreat

Your Yoga Retreat can include Accommodation on-site, Yoga, Steaming, Reiki and more! Make it your own by choosing what works for you. Morning Ashtanga course/Retreat – includes Mon-Fri 7.30-12.30 Mysore practice, pranayama, meditation, philosophy + Saturday led Ashtanga class 8-9.30am. Or maybe you prefer afternoon classes, perhaps yoga twice a day? We also offer afternoon Hatha, chakra and Yin yoga classes to enjoy. We have a reasonably priced restaurant open from 7am–8pm. The local beaches are just 15 minutes walking distance.

Detox Programs

For a wholesome rejuvenation for body, mind and soul we offer special and tailored detox programs of different lengths (including accommodation). For all detox stays, you arrive one day before the actual start of your detox program and on this day we will provide you with food that prepares you for the following detox days. After the cure you will stay with us for one more build-up day, that prepares your body to normal healthy food again. In addition we offer massages that help your system to remove toxins and realign, assisting your body and mind to release and clear out.

Reiki Training, Massage & Aroma Therapy

Reiki Training Level 1
incl. 2 nights accommondation

shared bathroom: 11,000 Baht
private bathroom: 13,000 Baht

Reiki Training Level 1 and 2
incl. 5 nights accommondation

shared bathroom: 21,000 Baht
private bathroom: 23,000 Baht

Herbal Steam

Our herbal steam is a purpose built haven to escape into and indulge in a relaxing and healing ritual. The perfect accompaniment to your detox program, the herbal steam can help to improve circulation, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, clear congestion, promote skin health, aid in post-yoga recovery for your muscles and limbs, loosen stiff joints, boost your immune system and remove toxins. For our in-house retreat guests, we have our herbal steam regularly ready to use.

Ice Bath

Give your nervous and immune system a proper boost in our ice bath. For our long term guests we have our ice bath regularly ready to use and we are happy to consult your breath while bathing.


We have a restaurant that serves raw and vegan super foods and wholesome breakfasts as well as sweet and hearty food from pancakes and omelettes to a well-chosen variety of traditional Thai dishes. We also host a popular and delicious vegetarian Indian buffet 7pm every Friday night.


Answers to your frequently asked questions

You can take one of the many taxis, that are waiting at Thong Sala Pier. Usually they charge between 300 and 400 Baht. We are located in the west of the island in between the two beaches called Haad Salad (Salad Beach) and Mae Haad Beach. If you like, we can also order a private pick up. We just need to know the date and time and which boat you will be taking.

Yes, you can drop in. We prefer to welcome you to our Mysore Classes at 7:30 am. The Mysore style of asana practice is the way of teaching yoga as exercise within the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga tradition as taught by K. Pattabhi Jois. Otherwise we also offer a variety of Drop-In-Classes from Yin Yoga, Chakra Yoga and Pilates during the afternoon.