Ashtanga Yoga Healing Retreats

Weekly & Monthly Ashtanga Retreats run throughout the year. We are open for Christmas & New year

Experience ancient yoga and healing practices as they were originally taught in India. Mysore ashtanga is the traditional way to learn the Ashtanga sequence. Kes and Teresa, a couple with more than 25 years’ experience in teaching & yoga practice - welcome you to there yogi family home.

Retreats in Thailand with Teresa & Kes offer you open space to clear your mind and breathe. Amazing views of the jungle and Nature all around you. Focus is on creating a realistic daily exercise routine, healthy eating and being more eco friendly. Aiming to unite your mind, body, and breath in a way that eases tension, reduces inflammation, and promotes health and well being.

Transform and become a Tantric Astrologer!

Embark on a journey of learning and self-discovery with our basic training, comprising 6 amazing 8-day modules, filled with profound wisdom and enriching practices!

When: January 7 – 14, 2024                                                              At Yoga  Retreat Koh Phangan                                  

  • Ideal for beginners and seasoned practitioners, this retreat will help you delve into Vedic astrology, understand self through yoga, and experience transformation.

About the Event:

  • Our training is based on ancient Indian scriptures, revolving around five pillars: the ancient system of Vedic astrology called Jyotish, the guide of Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the essence of traditional Tantra, the fascinating Yogic system of Chakras, and Ayurveda. This fusion of the Rishis’ wisdom will provide you with the necessary tools to navigate life more consciously for your well-being, possessing a powerful life guide.
  • It’s an 8-day retreat with 7 hours of daily classes
Tantric Astrology training


Answers to your frequently asked questions

You can take one of the many taxis, that are waiting at Thong Sala Pier. Usually they charge between 300 and 400 Baht. We are located in the west of the island in between the two beaches called Haad Salad (Salad Beach) and Mae Haad Beach. If you like, we can also order a private pick up. We just need to know the date and time and which boat you will be taking.

Yes, you can drop in to any of our daily classes. We welcome you to try your first Mysore ashtanga Class at 8:30 am for free, then you can choose to purchase a pass that suits your dates. The Mysore style of asana practice is the traditional way of learning the ashtanga sequence.